"Start a mobile live video and voice communication at any location on earth to transmit important and urgent information encrypted and in real time."


  • Your benefits:

    Overview of the situation in real time

    The master control station has an overview of the current situation in real time – at just 1-click with D.A.R.V.I.N® !

  • Use D.A.R.V.I.N® as

    • a portable and mobile video solution
    • a strategic and portable real time surveillance system
      - without an additional transmitter car!
  • Knowhow made in Austria

    Due to our extensive experience in the areas of networking, video processing, data encryption, data transmission (cable-based and wireless) and microwave links we are able to provide you all kind of application-specific solutions - from hardware to software to service - knowhow made ​​in Austria combined with international state-of-the-art technology!

  • Thermal camera and technical endoscopes

    Our solution is compatible with infrared cameras and technical endoscopes to keep the overview in any situation. Nothing will be hidden!

    We are your competent partner in all topics considering networking, data encryption, video processing and microwave links - especially in the transmission of broadband signals through the various media (cable-based and wireless) - including integration and combination of existing equipment. Just ask for your application-specific customization!

  • Secure video, voice and data - S.i.S.i.S principle

    D.A.R.V.I.N®  is designed as a black box solution to eliminate unauthorized access from outside. We have implemented strong encryption in combination with predefined contact lists and transaction codes for authentication. The data stay where they should stay – in your team. No risk of eavesdropping through television stations, curious private persons or even the release of secret data during or after the mission. We dare to say that even for the NSA our system represents a significant hurdle according to the S.i.S.i.S principle. Triple security from the sender to the receiver - with D.A.R.V.I.N® !

  • 360 degree of view

    Both - the command center as well as the task force in the field – are able to use a combination of several strategically placed D.A.R.V.I.N® units at the same time to get a panoramic view of the area to be observed - strategically significant and efficient.


  • Overview of your benefits:

    • Optical cameras are combinable with infrared cameras and technical endoscopes
    • Strategically significant 360 degree of view
    • Security for your video, voice and data – S.i.S.i.S principle
    • Realtime mission status overview – substantial information at the command center in real time
    • Knowhow made ​​in Austria