"Start a mobile live video and voice communication at any location on earth to transmit important and urgent information encrypted and in real time."

The all-in-one video solution from a single source

D.A.R.V.I.N® has been optimized for applications in the industrial field and is delivered in a practical device case. The equipment includes all components which are required for the video communication and is immediately ready for use.

    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • Integration of industry-proof connectors
    • Hardware accelerated video processor
    • Superbright 5 inch TFT display with touch screen
    • Support of UMTS, LTE und WLAN3
    • Lightweight, compact video headset
    • High resolution and extended light sensitivity
    • High wearing comfort, helmet compatible
    • 8GB USB-Stick with lanyard
    • Software TEAMDESK for Windows and Linux
    • Rugged impact resistant carrying case
    • Belt clip and neck strap for D.A.R.V.I.N®
    • Wide range of accessories and spare parts